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Jiangyin Xinlian welding equipment Co.,Ltd.Is specialized in producing equipment manufacturers,is located in a "land of fish and rice Jiangnan" said the Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province.Produced strong technical force,advanced processing equipment,testing facilities complete,has accumulated years of production experience,enterpries through innovation,testing the reliability and stability.

Companies specializing in the production of various series of air Torch.html target='_blank'>Plasma cutting qiangtou,Qiangtou welding,as well as various stes of consumable Welding & Cuting(electrode,nozzles,adiversion,tungsten folder,welding & Cuting Various cables,etc.)

A variety of Welding Torch welding equipment

Companies with technological innovation as the guide, and product quality of life and price concessions, and rapid logistics,service-orientateb for the purpose, warmly welcome, warmly welcome all new and old customers coming guidance.



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