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How to buy a different Welding Equipment? Top 10 welding equipment manufacturing and processing.

 Early in the 20th century, with the first and the Second World War war, cheap and reliable military equipment connection method requires a great, so the promotion of the development of welding technology. Today, with the widespread use of welding robots in industrial applications, researchers are still studying the nature of welding, continue to develop new welding methods to further improve the quality of welding.

Experts at home and abroad believe that by 2020 welding technology will continue to be an important processing tool for manufacturing, it is an accurate, reliable, low cost, and is the use of high-tech connection materials. Welding machine as the necessary equipment in the industrial sector, is widely used in all walks of life. So the choice for the welding machine, the same is very important to the enterprise a link, the following metal processing Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten in the welding machine brand.

Sweden ESAB (ESAB)

In 1904, Oscar Karlberg (OscarKjellberg) invented the drug-coated electrode, and then established the company. Since its inception, the company has never been on the existing technology and materials to improve. At the same time, Issa also invented a number of new ways to meet the challenges brought about by technological innovation.

The company's welding consumables and equipment are used in all aspects of welding and cutting processes. After more than 100 years of continuous research, development and production, ESAB has become a leader in welding cutting and global product supply, in the professional and technical services and customer service are no one can.

ESA has representative offices in many countries and offers the best possible welding consumables and equipment to the rest of the world. In four key industries, ESAB is synonymous with professional experience - manual welding and cutting equipment, welding automation, welding materials and cutting systems.

In July 2005, ESAB was formally established in China to set up ESAB Welding Equipment (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., and thus began to invest in China to set up factories. At present, ESAB has established four factories and one process center in Zhangjiagang, Yantai, Wuxi and other places in China. Its scope covers welding, welding consumables, automation and cutting machines. The key development industries include Energy, engineering machinery, transportation, shipbuilding and offshore platforms.

As the world leader in welding cutting, Isa is with Russia, China and other Asian countries, the rapid rise of heavy industry, with its leading technology and first-class service confidently build the second centuries of Issa.

Japan Odyssey (OTC)

OTC was founded in 1919 in Osaka City, Japan, namely Osaka Transformer Co., Ltd., Japan's largest manufacturer of welding machines and robots, and the Japanese welder technical level certification exam (JIS) will use OTC welder. The Mainly to China to the world more than 40 countries export the world's leading professional production company. Is the first to enter the Chinese market sales of welding machine robot one of the professional manufacturers.

Has now occupied 40% of China's domestic sales of the robot market, OTC Welding machine in the field of domestic sales after years of effort has reached a high brand effect, it is not only a mature sales agent system, excellent in other domestic immature machinery Welding equipment development level, but also to low prices, excellent quality, excellent welding operations, simple operation and civilization.

OTC robots have some leading edge over some of the robots at this stage. In contrast to the welding performance is stable, large working space, welding operation speed. Welding quality is clearly beneficial to other welding equipment, greatly improving the productivity of welding operations.

OTC robot laser welding system using laser welding strength, deformation of small features, multi-layer structure of the mechanical parts can be welded into a whole, to achieve the mechanical processing methods to get the same function, but the production cost is greatly reduced. OTC welding robots are the most common types of industrial robots, commonly used in large-scale manufacturing of automotive manufacturing machinery lines, automotive body and other parts of the welding process using welding.

Tangshan Panasonic (Panasonic)

Tangshan Matsushita Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as PWST), by the Japanese Matsushita Group and Tangshan Kaiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. jointly invest in the construction of Sino-Japanese joint venture.

Tangshan Panasonic fully uses Japan's advanced management and technology, the use of world-class manufacturing, commissioning and testing equipment, production trademark for the "Panasonic" of various arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, Torch.html target='_blank'>Plasma cutting machine, robot and welding cutting pure Parts. Since 1996, the economic benefits of the ranks of China's welding machine industry first.

Matsushita's robotics business began in 1997, with Panasonic's advanced technology and experience in the field of welding, Panasonic robot industry has developed rapidly, its market awareness reached 39%. So far has been the market has provided more than 300 robot system, widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, locomotives, construction machinery, electrical equipment, furniture manufacturing and other fields.

Matsushita welding robots are industrial robots engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying). According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) industrial robot terminology standard definition of welding robots, industrial robots are a multi-purpose, reproducible, automated control machine with three or more programmable axes for industrial automation The Metalworking Online In order to suit different applications, the mechanical interface of the last axis of the robot, usually a connecting flange, can be attached to a different tool or end effector. Matsushita welding robot is in the industrial robot end of the flange flange welding or welding (cutting) gun, so that it can be welded, cutting or thermal spraying.

American Lincoln Electric (Linclon)

Lincoln Electric Company was founded in 1895, is a focus on arc welding product design, development and manufacturing of multinational companies, the headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States NASDAQ listed companies.

Lincoln welding machine is simple, durable, high cost performance. Mainly used in pipeline welding, shipbuilding industry in the welding, stainless steel welding, and dual-phase steel and Cr-Mo heat-resistant steel welding. Lincoln welder from 1895, involved in welding equipment and materials manufacturing industry, is the international welding equipment manufacturing industry pioneer. Has a history of 116 years.

Lincoln Electric attaches great importance to the Chinese market. As early as 1989, Lincoln Electric established its first representative office in Tianjin and started its operations in China. The next few years, imports to China's products grew rapidly year by year, have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities set up a representative office to support the growing Chinese market.

Shanghai Lincoln Electric Co., Ltd. is Lincoln China's flux-cored wire and welding equipment production base. From 2006 onwards, flux cored wire product line in the continuous expansion, to meet the carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and other steel needs. At the same time, our self-shielded wire series is also expanding.

Miller Electric (Miller)

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as the world's largest manufacturer of welding products - ITW Welding Group, a subsidiary, specializing in welding power R & D and production. Miller welding machine product line includes: TIG welder, MIG welder, submerged arc welder, multi-function welder, generator-driven welder, hand arc welder, Plasma cutting machine, wire feeder, spot welding machine, automatic Welding systems, induction heating systems, Welding Torches and accessories.

Miller has been widely used in industrial manufacturing or production areas such as aerospace, shipbuilding, container, oilfield, oil and gas pipelines, large steel structures, heavy machinery, petrochemical, nonferrous metals and stainless steel products for nearly three decades Very high reputation.

In 2004, ITW Group invested in Beijing Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., not only the production Mill Mill welding products, but also to provide users with a wide range of training services and after-sales support to better meet the needs of domestic customers. Beijing Miller has successfully obtained ISO9001: 2000 and CCC products mandatory certification.

Beijing Miller currently produces DW, DS series gas welding machine, while managing ITW welding products (including Miller welding machine, Hebote welding consumables and Bonad welding torch) in the domestic market sales and services.

Ream, Germany

Germany Leim Welding Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1974, is mainly producing MIG / MAG welding machine, welding machine and plasma cutting machine. Over the years, the company paid special attention to the basic research of welding technology, always to research and optimize the welding machine arc as the company's research and development work focus; at the same time in technology research and development, management mechanism, marketing strategy and other aspects of innovation to meet the user's Latest and highest demand.

The company has a range of the world's leading welding and cutting technology and equipment manufacturing technology, in the international welding industry is known as the modern welding scale.

Remu's research and development staff accounts for about 25% of the total number of staff, and for many years by the German government and scientific research institutions to give the financial support and scientific research and development fund support, with the purpose of the German University of Welding Institute jointly The establishment of scientific research projects, to overcome some technical problems, so technically, the German company has always led the German company's latest trend of welding technology market.

In Germany, many of the world's leading companies are preferred to the mine, for example, the German Mercedes-Benz car factory each year about 90% of the welding machine using Rem, Germany Audi car factory, Siemens rail transportation company, the German federal railway and other large enterprises are Using Reme welding machine. In addition, we believe that China's industrial development is extremely fast, the Chinese users of the welder's request is increasing, so, the company must be the highest technical content of the welder to the Chinese market, while many Reim welding machine Also equipped with a variety of expert system procedures, the German best welding experience stored in the expert system program. Users in the purchase of Remy welding machine at the same time, also a corresponding absorption of Germany's many welding experience.

Germany Ida Hi-Tech (EWM)

Germany EWMHIGHTECWELDINGGmbH was founded in 1957, after years of development, has now become the German industry in the arc welding power supply industry leader. EWM offers a range of products for the entire welding system, including welding power, wire feeders, wiring assemblies, torch systems and welding consumables.

More than 50 years engaged in the development and production of welding equipment, has accumulated a solid technical advantages, from all walks of life industry famous companies to industry users, the products have many enterprises trust.

1988 Production of the world's first TIGAC / DC welder. 1993 production of the first digital pulse MIG welder, 2000 worldwide worldwide data transmission of digital welding power. Annual sales of more than 40,000 power supply, product manufacturing strict implementation of IEC60974, EN60974, EN50199 standards and CE certification requirements.

Advanced technology, perfect quality, perfect function not only become representative of EWM characteristics, but also to make customer satisfaction signs. Thanks to advanced technology and strong quality awareness, EWM has maintained a steady growth rate, production and sales to maintain steady growth every year.

WM China branch was established in 2001. EWM production parts and machine workshop has 15,000 square meters. In addition, the growing sales of the Asia Pacific market is also located here. EWM here has a complete product line, to provide professional technical support and efficient after-sales service agencies.


The French Air Liquide Group was founded in 1902 by the French Air Liquide Group, the world's largest supplier of industrial gases and medical gases and related services, with sales of 10.4 billion euros in 2005. In the Forbes 2006 published in 2005 the world's top 500, the Air Liquide Group ranked No. 354, stabilizing the gas industry top.

The French Air Liquide Group is part of the French Air Liquide Group, the world leader in welding and cutting technology, the world's third largest supplier of welding and cutting products. Since its inception in 1909, Liquefied Air Welding Group has been committed to the development and application of welding products in the field of welding applications (including welding equipment, welding materials, welding procedures and personnel training) to bring a global solution and innovative spirit.

The French Air-Weld Welding Group is a professional manufacturer of welding equipment and welding materials consisting of the world's three leading welding companies, SAF, FRO and OERLIKON, Before its products have two major well-known brands: Sha Fu and Olin Kang. There are 24 subsidiaries, 2400 employees, 10 industrial bases, and a specialized research and development center for power, materials, electronics and gases. The Our goal is: to strive for operation, innovation, to provide customers with the best welding products, industrial solutions and services, to become the European and global market leader in welding products.

Liquefied Air Welding Group, a world leader in welding and cutting technology, has developed a large number of new technologies and new products for modern enterprises such as petrochemicals, automobiles, locomotives, nuclear power plants and aerospace applications in the 21st century, and over the past five years In Asia to establish its corresponding branch.

Fronius, Austria

Austria Fronius (Fronius) is the famous European welding machine manufacturers, but also the world's leading enterprises in the welding industry. Since the establishment of 1945 half a century ago, has been innovative products leading the development of welding machine, has pioneered the development of the first silicon rectifier welder and the first inverter welding machine. Its advanced technology, reliable service, so that the company is highly respected in the world. Has now become the public, BMW and other auto group global designated products, its annual sales in Europe first. In the country, FRONIUS welding machine has been widely used in automobiles, railway locomotives, aerospace, shipbuilding, military and other high-quality requirements of the industry, and showed a rapid growth trend.

Fronius has a large goal and is confident in the field of welding leading the development of welding technology. In the MIG / MAG, TIG and manual welding, Fronius made remarkable achievements. In terms of TIG Welding, Fronius first introduced fuzzy technology into the field of welding, the successful development of the world's first set of all-digital welding machine.

FOREST FRONIUS is a leader in the welding industry and is principally engaged in the development and manufacture of welding inverters and the solution for automatic welding. Since entering the Chinese market for five years, has set up offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places, a number of provinces to establish a service network, and with more than a dozen domestic universities and research institutes to establish a close working relationship.

Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd

Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and manufacturing various types of welding equipment, including ESAB, OTC, Panasonic, Linclon, Miller, Fronius various welding equipment manufacturing and sales, and also according to customer needs and modified Definition, to meet the various needs of customers


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