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Nearly 200 years of Welding Equipment and technology updates and improvements

More than 3,000 years ago, Egypt appeared forging technology.

BC 2000 years of China's Yin Dynasty using casting welding manufacturing weapons.

BC 200 years ago, China has mastered the bronze brazing and iron forging process.

1801 years: the United Kingdom H.Davy found the arc.

1836: Edmund Davy found acetylene gas.

1856: England physicist James Joule discovered the principle of resistance welding.

1959: Deville and Debray invented hydrogen-oxygen welding.

1881: French de Meritens invented the earliest carbon arc welder.

1881: Dr. R. H. Thurston of the United States took six years to complete the full range of experiments on the strength and extensibility of the full range of copper-zinc alloy solder.

1882: England Robert A. Hadfield invented and named after his name austenitic manganese steel was patented.

1885: American Elihu Thompson received patent for resistance welding machine.

1885: Russian Benardos Olszewski developed carbon arc welding technology.

1888: Russian people H.г.Cлавянов invented metal pole arc welding.

1889 - 1890: American C. L. Coffin for the first time using optical welding wire for the electrode for arc welding.

1890; American C. L. Coffin proposed the concept of welding in an oxidizing medium.

1890: British Brown first used oxygen plus gas cutting to try to rob the bank.

1895: The Bavarian Konrad Roentgen observed the phenomenon that an array of electrons produced X-rays when passing through a vacuum tube.

1895: French Le Chatelier received a certificate of invention of oxyacetylene flame.

1898: German Goldschmidt invented aluminum heat welding.

1898: German Klebsi. Schmidt invented copper electrode arc welding.

1900: British Strohmyer invented the thin skin coating electrode.

1900: French Fouch and Picard produced the first oxyacetylene Torch.

1901: German Menne invented the oxygen spear cut.

1904: Swedish Oscar. Kiege Berg established the world's first welding plant - ESAB's OK electrode factory.

1904: American Avery invented a portable cylinder.

1907: In the United States, New York, the old center of the railway station, due to the use of oxyacetylene cutting to save more than 20% of project costs.

1907: October Swedes O. Kjellberg perfected thick coated leather.

1909: Schonherr invented the Plasma arc.

1911: The first 11-mile pipeline was built by Philadelphia & Suburban Gas Company using oxygen soldering.

1912: the first oxygen acetylene gas welded steel pipe into the market.

1912: Edward G. Budd in Philadelphia, USA, produced the first steel car body to use resistance spot welding.

About 1912: Ford Motor Company in the United States in order to produce the famous T-car, in their own factories in the laboratory to complete the modern welding process.

1913: Avery and Fisher in the United States of America improved the acetylene cylinder.

1916: Ansel. Special. About invented the weld area X-ray nondestructive testing method.

1917: During the First World War, 109 marine engines seized from Germany were repaired by arc welding and 500,000 US soldiers were transported to France using these repaired vessels.

1917: Webster & Southbridge Electric Corporation, Massachusetts, used arc welding equipment to weld 11-mile, 3-inch-diameter pipelines.

1919: Comfort A. Adams formed the American Welding Society (AWS).

1924 American Welding Association activities to commemorate the photo

1919: C.J.Halslag invented AC welding.

1920: Gerdien found the plasma heat effect.

1920: The first fully welded hull of the steamboat Fulagar was launched in the UK.

About 1920: start using arc welding to repair some expensive equipment.

Approximately 1920 years: the use of resistance welding welding pipe production method (The Johnson Process) was patented.

Approximately 1920 years: the first oil tanker made using the welding method Poughkeepsie Socony was launched in the United States.

Approximately 1920: flux cored wire is used for wear-resistant surfacing.

1922: Prairie Pipeline Company used oxygen acetylene welding technology to successfully complete the laying of crude oil pipelines from Mexico to Dexas with a diameter of 8 inches and up to 140 miles.

1923: Stowe invented surfacing.

1923: the world's first floating roof tank (used to store gasoline or other chemicals) built; its advantage is made by the floating roof and tank wall composed of telescopes can be raised or reduced as the tank , Which can be very convenient to change the size of the tank.

1924: Magnolia Gas Company built a 14-mile-long, fully welded natural gas pipeline using oxyacetylene welding technology.

1924: In the United States by H. H. Lester first using X-ray photography, for the Boston Edison's power plant to test the steam pressure of 8.3Mpa to be installed casting quality.

1926: American Langmuir invented atomic hydrogen welding.

1926: United States Alexandre invented CO2 gas shielded welding principle.

1926: by the United States A.O.Smith company first introduced in the arc welding metal electrode outside the use of extrusion method to play a protective effect of solid medicine (ie manual arc welding electrode) production methods.

1926: chrome tungsten cobalt welding alloy won the first patent on the flux cored wire.

1926: American M. Hobart and P.K. Wevers obtained a patent for the use of helium as arc protection gas.

1927: Lindberg alone driving Ryan-type monoplane aircraft successfully flew over the Atlantic, the aircraft body is composed of all-welded alloy steel pipe structure.

1928: the first structural steel welding regulations "building structure in the welding and gas cutting rules" published by the American Welding Society, this regulation is today's "D1.1 structural steel welding rules," the predecessor.

1930: The Georgia Railway Center used a continuous welding method for laying railways in two tunnels. The welding track was put into use after two years.

1930: the former Soviet Union Robinov invented submerged arc welding.

1931: Arsenal building consisting of all-steel construction made by welding process.

1933: the first use of arc welding process welded joints with non-gasket structure of the long-distance pipeline paved.

1933: At that time the world's tallest suspension bridge San Francisco's Kinmen Bridge was opened to traffic, she was 87750 tons of steel welded together.

1934: Barton Welding Institute was established.

Barton founder Yevgeny Oscar Lodge Barton

Europe's largest all-welded dinibe bridge on the bridge - Barton Bridge

1934: Non-heated pressure vessel specifications were published by API-ASME.

1935: Linde Air Products in the United States has improved submerged arc welding technology.

1936: Switzerland Wasserman invented low temperature brazing.

1939: The United States Reinecke invented the plasma flow gun.

1940: the first full-wave ship Exchequer number in the United States Ingalls dock built into the water.

1941: American Meredith invented a tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding (helium arc welding).

1941: World War II ships, aircraft, tanks and a variety of heavy weapons manufacturing using a lot of welding technology.

1943: American Behl invented ultrasonic welding.

1943: The manufacturer of the aircraft for the first time using atomic hydrogen welding, submerged arc welding and melting pole gas shielded welding of steel propeller hollow blades.

1944: British Carl invented explosive welding.

1947: Former Soviet Union Bopoшeвич (Voroshevic) invented electroslag welding.

1949: the first use of arc welding and resistance welding process manufacturing all-welded structure of the FORD brand car off the assembly line.

1950: Americans Muller, Gibson and Anderson trio get the first patent for the smelting of excess gas protection overcoat.

1950: Germany.Fuhorn found plasma arc.

About 1950: premature electroslag welding was used in production in the former Soviet Union.

1953: US Hunt invented cold press welding.

1953: the former Soviet Union Liu Povsky, Japan Gateway, who invented CO2 gas protection arc welding.

1954: self-shielded flux-cored wire in the United States Lincoln Electric Company put into production.

1954: The first nuclear submarine using the welding process The Nautilus began to serve the US Navy.

1954: Bernard invented the tubular electrode.

1955: the United States Tom. Carla Desert invented high-frequency induction welding.

1956: China established the Harbin Welding Research Institute.

1956: the former Soviet Union Chu Dike Fu invented the friction welding technology.

1957: French schneier invented electron beam welding.

1957: the former Soviet Union Kazakov invented the diffusion welding.

1957: "welding" founded, which is China's first welding professional magazine.

Approximately 1957: the United States, the United Kingdom and the former Soviet Union used CO2 as a protective gas in the excess process of the MIG welding.

1960: Maiman found the laser, now laser has been widely used in the welding field.

1960: Airco of the United States introduced the melting pole pulse gas welding process.

1962: Pneumatic welding patent granted to the Belgian Arcos.

1962: Electron beam welding was first used on supersonic aircraft and B-70 bombers.

1964: Weld wire welding method and coordination control Melting gas protection welding method of the patent granted to the American Manz.

1965: welded Appllo 10 spacecraft successfully on the moon landing.

1967: Japan's wilderness invention of continuous laser welding.

1967: The world's first submarine pipeline was successfully laid in the Gulf of Mexico, made by Krank Pilia in the United States using hot-threading and welding processes.

1968: The 22-storey center of John Hancock in Chicago has been welded to the world's tallest angle-shaped steel structure with a height of 1107 feet.

1969: the United States Linde company proposed hot wire plasma arc spraying process.

1970: Thyristor inverter welding machine come out.

1976: Japanese wilderness invention series electron beam welding.

Around 1980: semiconductor circuits and computer circuits are widely used to control the welding and cutting process.

1980 or so: the use of steam brazing welding printed circuit boards.

1983: The circular top of the spacecraft with a diameter of 160 feet was welded using submerged arc welding and gas shielded welding, and was tested using a radiograph.

1984: The former Soviet Union astronaut Svetlana Savitskaya carried out welding tests in space.

1988: Welding robots began to be widely used in automotive production lines.

Around 1990: inverter technology has been developed by leaps and bounds, the result of the welding equipment, the weight and size of the decline.

1991: British Institute of Welding invented the friction stir welding, the successful welding of aluminum alloy plate.

1993: The use of robots to control CO2 lasers successfully welded the US Army Abrams main battle tanks.

1996: Ukraine Barton Welding Institute B.K. Lebegev academician, led by more than 30 development team, research and development of human tissue welding technology.

2001: human tissue welding successfully applied to clinical.

2002: The completion of the welding of the Three Gorges turbine is the largest turbine in the world that has been built and is currently being built.

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