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Welding Basics 1: Basic Welding

First, the basic welding

 What is welding

 A: Two or more materials (the same kind or heterogeneous), by heating or pressing or both, to achieve the combination between atoms and the formation of a permanent connection process is called welding.

 2. What is arc?

 A: The power supply from the welding, between the two poles produce a strong and lasting gas discharge phenomenon - called arc.
 <1> According to the current type can be divided into: AC arc, DC arc and pulse arc.
 <2> According to the state of the arc can be divided into: free arc and compression arc (such as Torch.html target='_blank'>Plasma arc).
 <3> According to the electrode material can be divided into: melting arc and non-melting arc. 3. What is the base metal? A: The welding metal --- called the base metal. The following are the same as the "

 What is it?

 A: The tip of the wire is heated and melted, and the liquid metal droplets that move to the bath are called droplets.
 5. What is pooling?
 A: welding on the weld formed by a certain shape of the liquid metal parts --- called the pool.
 6. What is the weld?
 A: The welded part of the weld after welding.
 7. What is weld metal?
 A: The part of the metal formed by the solidification of the molten base material and the filling metal (wire, electrode, etc.).
 8. What is shielding gas?
 A: welding for the protection of metal droplets and molten pool from the outside harmful gases (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) intrusion of gas --- protective gas.
 9. What is welding technology?
 A: A variety of welding methods, welding materials, welding technology and Welding Equipment, and its basic theory of the general term - called welding technology.
 10. What is welding process? What is it?
 A: The welding process of a set of technical procedures and technical requirements. The contents include: welding method, preparation before welding, assembly, welding materials, welding equipment, welding sequence, welding operation, welding process parameters and post-weld treatment.
 11. What is CO2 welding?
 A: With the purity of> 99.98% of the CO2 to do the protection of gas melting gas welding - known as CO2 welding.
 12. What is MAG welding?
 A: The mixed gas 75 - 95% Ar +25 - 5% CO2, (standard ratio: 80% Ar + 20% CO2) to do the protection of gas melting gas welding - known as MAG welding.
 13. What is MIG welding?
A: <1> with high purity argon Ar ≥ 99.99% to do the protection of gas melting gas protection welding aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy and other nonferrous metals;
 <2> Melt welding of solid stainless steel wire with 98% Ar + 2% O2 or 95% Ar + 5% CO2 as protective gas - known as MIG welding.
 <3> Melting gas shielded with helium + argon inert gas mixture.
 14. What is TIG (TIG Welding) welding?
 A: With pure tungsten or activated tungsten (thorium tungsten, cerium tungsten, zirconium tungsten, lanthanum tungsten) as a non-melting electrode of inert gas protection arc welding, referred to as TIG welding.
 15. What is SMAW (electrode arc welding) welding?
 A: Arc welding method for welding with electrodes by hand.
 16. What is carbon arc gouging?
 A: The use of carbon rods as the electrode, with the workpiece between the arc, with compressed air (pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa) will melt the metal blowing a surface processing method. Commonly used to weld clear roots, planing groove, repair defects and so on.


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