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Welding Technology of Six Welding Processes

MIG Welding

1, keep the 1 / 4-3 / 8 inch wire rod extension (the length of the wire extending from the tip).
2, the use of small diameter wire welding wire; welding thick plate using large diameter wire and high current welding machine.
3, use the correct welding wire welding the workpiece. Stainless steel welding wire welding stainless steel, aluminum wire welding aluminum, steel wire welding steel.
4, use the correct shielding gas. Carbon dioxide is very suitable for welding steel, but for welding the sheet may be too high temperature, should use 75% argon and 25% carbon dioxide mixed gas welding thinner materials. Welding aluminum can only use argon. When welding steel, you can also use mixed gas.
5, to achieve the best effect of controlling the weld, should keep the wire directly on the edge of the pool.
6, when the welding operation is in an abnormal position (vertical welding, horizontal welding, overhead welding), should keep a small pool to achieve the best control of the bead, and as far as possible the use of the smallest diameter wire.
7, to ensure that the wire size used with the liner, drive the wheel to match.
8, often clean the Torch liner and drive the roller to keep the torch no splashing. If the gun is blocked or the wire is not smooth, you need to replace it.
9, welding as much as possible to keep the Welding Torch straight to avoid wire problems.
10, welding operation with both hands to ensure the stability of the torch.
11, the wire feeder wire and drive roller tightness adjustment in just enough wire, do not be too tight.
12, the wire is not used, it will be kept in a clean and dry place, to avoid contamination and affect the welding effect.
13, use DC reverse polarity DCEP power supply.
14, drag (pull) torch technology to get deeper penetration and narrow welds. Piston law can get lighter penetration and wider welds.

Aluminum Welding

1, the most suitable for welding aluminum is the drawing torch, if you can not use this welding gun, try to use the shortest torch in order to keep the torch straight; only use argon as a protective gas; in the welding aluminum can only use Push gun approach.
2, if you find a problem with the wire, you can try to size larger than the wire of the conductive head.
3, welding aluminum is the most commonly used wire is a soft standard wire. While the other will be harder (easier to wire), which is mainly used for harder and strength requirements for higher welding operations.
4, in the welding before the start to do a good job of aluminum surface oxide cleaning work, the use of special stainless steel brush to remove the oxide layer.
5, the end of welding filled with a good arc to prevent cracks. Another way is to weld the torch in the bath after welding for several seconds.
Self - shielded flux - cored wire welding
1, the use of welding (or drag) gun technology.
2, to keep the wire clean and dry to achieve the best welding results.
3, this welding is similar to the electrode welding, because the weld surface after the weld slag must be cleaned after the completion of welding. Clear slag can be used to knock the hammer and wire brush.
4, self-shielded flux-cored wire soldering does not require excess protection of gas containers. (Protect the medicine inside the wire). This feature makes it very suitable for use in outdoor operations, as it is easy to be blown away.
5, self-shielded flux-cored wire welding in the welding plate than MIG welding difficult.

TIG Welding

1, very suitable for thin plate welding ----- clean welding process can get a beautiful welding appearance.
2, welding steel, aluminum when the use of argon as a protective gas.
3, the use of DC positive polarity (DCEN) welded steel and stainless steel, the use of AC welding aluminum.
4, TIG welding has been used in the gun technique.
5. Match the size of the tungsten electrode and the size of the contact tip.
6, welding aluminum ---- should use pure tungsten electrode. This can be in the exchange of welding, tungsten easily formed spherical tip.
7, welded steel and stainless steel - should be used with 20% thorium tungsten electrode. In the DC positive welding should tungsten electrode sharpened.
Electrode arc welding
1, most of the time using the gun technique.
2, do a good job in preventing slag splash preparation.
3, to keep the electrode clean and dry ---- follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
4, penetration: negative direct current ---- maximum penetration, AC ----- medium penetration (also may be more splash), positive polarity DC ----- minimum penetration.

Resistance Welding

1, resistance welding is not suitable for welding aluminum, copper or copper alloy. But only used to weld steel and stainless steel.
2, to get more heat (current output), should use a shorter electrode arm.
3, if there is no heat control function of the welder, should use the length of the electrode arm to control. For example, welding requires a low-calorie sheet with a longer electrode arm.
4, pay attention to the longer electrode arm may bend, and may also lose the pressure in the weld above the pressure.
5, to ensure that there is no gap between the welding workpiece, or welding effect will be greatly affected.
6, to ensure that the two electrode arms aligned, so that the electrodes are aligned with each other. Keep mediators at the right pressure, not too big or too small.
7, if you need a workpiece after welding a good appearance, you can polish the electrode that side.
8, often clean the electrode, otherwise the output (current) will be reduced. Also apply a suitable protective cover to the electrode.

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