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Welding Torch For Thirty Years To Cecome "Iron Tailor"

There are so a group of people, they all day hand torch, and heavy steel, criss-crossing the pipeline to deal with. They use the hands of the torch, click on the cold steel, in every place where the need for welding lit a cluster of fire red solder.

In recent years, Dai Yipeng has won the National May 1 Labor. In recent years, Dai Yipeng has won the National May 1 Labor Medal, the national model of the award. As a grass-roots enterprises welder, to get such a high honor, and Dai Yipeng usually hard to pay is inseparable.

Flying welding is hard to witness, blue arcs dotted with beautiful life. In this ordinary post is dry for more than thirty years, these years, he devote themselves to study business, and strive to learn equipment production and security technology, he decades as a day, diligent, hard working, in their own ordinary job Made an extraordinary performance for the development of Guangji Pharmaceutical made a significant contribution, was hailed as "willing to sacrifice Xinlian".

Torch light, arc flashing, welding flowers flying ... ... a mask, a welding gun, a protective clothing, Dai Yi Peng in the bright welding flower, trained a pair of skilled, in the steel components on the "weaving", they seamlessly Welded into one, as a ring of "iron tailor." But as the most grass-roots front-line workers, he always strict self-discipline, to set an example, dry in practice, give full play to a model role model. He put the development of the enterprise as a cause, repay the party to cultivate his gratitude into his actions, in the ordinary work of the post, made outstanding achievements in his life on the road out of a string of solid And the rich footprints.


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