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Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. to participate in the thirteenth Kiev, Germany International Hardware Tools Exhibition

The exhibition will be held at the IEC Exhibition Center in Kiev from 04 to 06 March 2014. We welcome all friends to visit. The main exhibits for the air Torch.html target='_blank'>Plasma cutting gun, Welding Torch, gas welding torch and its various vulnerable parts.

Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.Companies specializing in the production of various series of air Plasma cutting gun head,Gun head welding,as well as various sets of consumable Welding & Cuting(electrode,nozzles,adiversion,tungsten folder,welding & Cuting various cables,etc.)


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Email: sales@xinlianwelding.com

Add: No.3 Tianyuan Road, Qiaoqi, Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, 214408 P.R.China

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